Detoxification Massage

What is detoxification? You have probably heard this word a lot. You probably wonder how it works.

Detoxification begins at our gut or digestive organs. The core of the body houses everything your body needs to repair itself. Whether it be cortisol, adrenaline, etc. The medical drugs out there were created based on these therapeutic chemicals our body naturally produces. 

But what if your digestive system isn't working properly? Taking supplements, changing our diet, fasting may help with the detoxification process but chronic muscular tension makes it difficult to metabolize these substances, rendering the system inefficient.


We  are affected everyday by pollution, drugs and stress. Each session focuses on different organs to release toxic build up in order to  increase circulation in the body and improve your lymphatic system. 

  • This helps the body function better and restore your health back to normal.  
  • Detoxify skin, large and small intestine.
  • Balance emotions and tonify organs.
  • Detox the lymphatic system.

                                                    It's important to invest in your health!