On-site services

Online Private Classes and Consultations

We can help you get started with an exercise and wellness plan! Your initial consultation is free!

Here’s what you have to do:

1. Just go to our website and book an online consultation.

2. You will receive a meeting code to use through our online consultation platform- RehabGuru.

3. Connect to RehabGuru at the allocated time and you will receive your first consultation for free.

For more information: https://support.rehabguru.com/category/146-client-app

During the consultation

This  will give you a chance to get to know your coach and talk about your  goals. Your coach will then design a personalized exercise prescription;  You can keep track of your progress and well being. 

After the consultation

You will receive an email from your coach to check in how you are doing and follow up with the next appointment. 

Your  coach is a valuable tool to have to help you reach your goals. Just  like a sports team, they have coaches to keep the team winning attitude.  We all need a coach in our lives.

OFF-Site services

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Do you want to try out your own personalized template?

Send us an email with your goals and any mobility issues you are having, and we'll send you a private Client Pin for you to access your personalized exercise plan.