Our Story: Holistic wellness and METAbodyWORKS

Meta : "beyond, or a sense of beyond";
Bodywork : "therapeutic touch or manipulation of the body using specialized techniques" -Merriam-Webster

Meta-Bodyworks goes beyond body. Holistic Wellness penetrates the mind-body connection using Eastern medicine and body works. We go beyond the physical and integrate the emotions to empower your Spirit.

METAbodyWORKS was founded in 2013 by Frank Carone, with the intention to bridge the gap between Western and Eastern Medicine, and by providing accessibility to Asian healing Arts to everyone, regardless of belief, race, gender or finances.

His vision of the Canadian Healthcare System is more alternative centered and accessible by integrating knowledge of our mind-body, therapeutic bodywork, meditation and mindful movement.

Imagine the impact this would have on all of us...

This would reduce wait times, reduce cancer, obesity, hospital visits, you name it; our society would work and live with more meaning- full of purpose.

In today's modern world,  we have forgotten our authentic self and the importance of our Mind-Body Connection. We've separated our mind from our heart because we differentiate our brains between left and right hemispheres. In Asian Healing Traditions, the mind, body and heart are interconnected through energy.

Alternative and Complementary therapies are still inaccessible for many people, or their access to some of these therapies do not address the underlying issues and many of these therapies offer band aid solutions. Asian healing goes beyond and acknowledges the connection between emotions and pain.



Healing is 'changing the whole'.
Jean-Charles Grambe, PhD (Psychology)

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 We are experienced Complementary Therapists in dealing with the mind-body issues you are dealing with today.  Book your appointment today to learn how we can help you!  We believe in Personal Empowerment! We offer comprehensive programs in

  • Holistic Wellness Coaching,
  • Pain Management,
  • Asian Healing Arts Training in Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, meditation and breathing.
  • Workplace Wellness Coaching

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Who we are


Frank Carone, Zen Shiatsu and Meridian Therapist, Certified Tai Chi Instructor

Frank Carone is a qualified TaiJiQuan and BaguaZhang teacher and received his certification from The Toronto Tai Chi and Meditation Center. He has over 24 years of experience in Asian Healing Arts of body and mind.
He received his diploma in massage therapy from Kikkawa College and and has over 13 years experience in holistic massage. He practices; Suikodo, a form of Zen Shiatsu ( 'The Way of Ancient Wisdom' - developed by Mitsuki Kikkawa ), and, Myofacial Release for Postural Integration. He continues to apply and integrate his skills in energy medicine, Nuero-Meridian research and healing.  He is an advocate for research in martial and healing arts for the advancement of health and human understanding. 


Rina Thibault, Thai Massage and Reflexology Practitioner, Certified Reiki Grandmaster , Yoga Teacher, and Life Coach

Rina Thibault has been practicing yoga for over 18 years and is a certified Yoga Teacher with over 7 years of teaching experience, and a qualified Therapeutic Thai Massage Practitioner for over 5 years. In class and in treatments she approaches every individual with compassion and patience. Through her experience and knowledge in Buddhism, Meditation, Massage, and Yoga she understands the subtle body-energetic movements and how it affects the body, as well as, connects her findings with you on a physiological, emotional and spiritual plane.
She is a student of Master Deanna Villa, and continues to receive her Thai massage training at Thai Massage Toronto. She has completed Thai Medicine Theory and Thai Heat Therapy courses and has a diploma in Zen Shiatsu.  She is also certified:

  • Foot Shiatsu massage, 
  • Thai Reflexology, 
  • Acupressure Therapist,
  • and Reiki GrandMaster of the Right Hand Path. 


Kaja Coleman, Registered Massage Therapist

Kaja Coleman is a Registered Massage Therapist and graduate of Trillium College Kingston.
She has a strong, intuitive style. From her experience as an artist, mother, grandmother, seeker, athlete, meditation practitioner, early childhood educator, she brings compassion and insight to her work. With a deep sensitivity and noticing changes in your physical health and well being.